News from the Board
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This month the Impact100 Chicago Board would like to share with you a message and book by Impact100 Founder Wendy Steele.


From Wendy Steele: 
I am delighted to announce the release of my book Invitation to Impact: Lighting the Path to Community Transformation!

A book about making an impact, the power of generosity, collective action, and so much more, Invitation to Impact details the design and growth of Impact100, as well as the mistakes and pitfalls I’ve overcome along the way. Through the experiences I share, Invitation to Impact is a book that makes clear the impact giving can make when we all accept the invitation.

I invite you to join us in making Invitation to Impact an Amazon bestseller by purchasing it in Kindle or print formats now! Helping spread the word is easy too – share this message with your networks on social media so they’ll be able to purchase their own copies.