News from the Board with an update from 2021 Impact Grant Winner, Curt’s Cafe
The Impact100 Chicago board meets once each month.  You can check here for the latest news and updates.  If you have a question or comment for the board, let us know at:
May 2022 Updates:
    • The board finalized plans for the June 14 Grant Award Ceremony, ensuring we are prepared for an outstanding event for members, guest and grant award finalists.
    • The three finalists have been selected.  The member announcement and press release are coming in the next few days. Both will be available in social media and on the website.
    • Members are encouraged to RSVP for the Grant Award Ceremony.  The event is posted on the website with a link to the sign-up.

    Update from our 2021 Impact Grant Winner, Curt’s Cafe

  • I just wanted to share once again the “Impact” your support has had. I had to rent a van yesterday for our experiential trip because we were using your van to move some donated products. But in renting I realized how much your support has – and will continue to – help us. Our bill for a one day rental was $ 186.99. We are now doing, because we have the van, 4 experiential trips in each cafe each month (2 weekday and 2 weekend for our Saturday only students). Just doing quick math that comes out to a savings of $17,951.04 a year! An additional add on is being able to deliver Catering orders, transport students to and from their Case Worker needs, trips to pick up product from a large vendor that doesn’t deliver…. and we are easily easily saving upward of $50,000 a year!!! But on top of that even – we look much more professional, which means we act much more professional and our stress is greatly diminished. I just don’t know how to thank you all enough for this gift!