Focus Areas

Applicants are responsible for selecting one Focus Area that best represents the main emphasis of the grant project or program in order to submit their Letter of Inquiry. This information is used to verify the project or program fit within our funding criteria. LOIs are not reviewed based on Focus Area selections. Focus Areas for the current grant cycle are:

Arts & Culture

Projects or programs that develop, cultivate or enhance the cultural and artistic climate in the Chicagoland area; or explore and educate others about the arts, cultural heritage and diversity in our communities and neighborhoods.


Projects or programs that advance or improve learning opportunities for children and/or adults in our communities and neighborhoods.


Projects or programs that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families in our communities and neighborhoods.

Health & Wellness

Projects or programs that improve the physical and/or mental well-being of people living in the Chicagoland area.


Projects or programs that promote a positive and sustainable relationship between humans and their environment; conserve or enhance open and public spaces; or help neighborhoods thrive by promoting healthy food systems through community gardening, urban agriculture or other activities.

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