About Our Grant

Welcome to our 2016/17 grant cycle. Our online grant application system will open to accept Letters of Inquiry on October 3, 2016. Please monitor this page for future postings of key dates for the new grant cycle and our application process.

  • Impact 100 Chicago recognizes that there are many organizations doing important work improving the lives of underserved individuals and communities in the Chicagoland area. To support this work and allow organizations to “dream big,” Impact 100 Chicago annually awards $100,000 grants to local nonprofit organizations.
  • Consistent with our mission, Impact 100 Chicago funds high-impact grants that have a transformative effect on the receiving organizations and the populations or communities they serve. Impact 100 Chicago accepts applications that propose a new project or program, or expand or continue to support an existing and proven program. Projects may include capital expenditures or improvements, funding of program expenses, or a combination thereof.
  • We currently accept applications in five Focus Areas: Culture, Education, Family, Health and Sustainability.
  • The number of $100,000 grants to be awarded is announced in January of each year based on Impact 100 Chicago’s membership numbers. In June of 2016, Impact 100 Chicago awarded six $100,000 Impact Grants as well as $31,000 in Merit Grants. See Our Grantees to learn more.
  • Impact 100 Chicago currently operates two chapters, the City Chapter and the Suburban Chapter. Applications are assigned to and reviewed by only one chapter of Impact 100 Chicago.
  • Grant recipients are selected through a democratic process. All of our members have an equal vote in deciding which nonprofits receive the awards each year.